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The ugly truth about refined oil

Refined oil is cheaper than physically pressed oil.

But it cost your health.

The process of refining oil means the oil is acid-treated, breached, neutralised, filtered or deodorized all of which require the use of chemicals.  After refining, it is consistent in colour and odour, longer shelf life but with chemical residue.

Even worse, when being refined, the oil oxidized into trans-fatty acid. May studies link the consumption of trans fat to cardiac disease.

Moreover, the high temperature in refining process destroys the natural nutrition in oil while pressed oil preserves essential nutrients.

The typical refined oils are:

·         Soybean oil

·         Corn oil

·         Sunflower oil

·         Rapeseed oil

Refined oil is strictly banned in all Emma Basic products.

So what oils are safer?

·         Extra virgin cold pressed oil

·         Toasted Pressed sesame oil

·         Butter made of milk and milk only

·         Coconut oil

 Emma Basic Toasted sesame oil is physically pressed from sesame seeds, not chemically refined.

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