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Small change, big difference

Japanese curry is often misunderstood as:Katsu curry.

Making katsu is not that easy.

Coating, deep frying,

So many things can go wrong,

So much mess!

Don’t bother to make katsu!

Heat a spoonful of oil in a casserole pan,

Throw in leftover veg from your fridge,

Stir for a few minutes,

Pour water, bring to the boil,

Melt the curry blocks in,

Mix well for 5 minutes. Done!

Once a week,

Create a new taste by magicking up

Whatever leftovers in your fridge.

The PLASTIC tray you usually seeIn other brandsIs gone.Yes, we removed it.It wasn’t an easy job!We all know the fact:PLASTIC is heavily used in food packaging.Humans are drowning in PLASTIC.We are determined to useLess PLASTIC in our products.How to remove the PLASTIC tray?We created a metal mold to form the shape.There may some breakage in the curry blocks.It won’t affect the taste.We are working to improve the appearance.Imperfectly perfect.Small change,Big difference,In reduce food wastage and PLASTIC.

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