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Daily Fibre intake

The NHS suggests that a daily Fibre intake of 30g helps to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, bowel cancer and constipation.

You may not be able to find fibre information in the nutrition table on food packaging as it is not mandatory by EU labelling regulations No 1169/2011. But (EC) 1924/2006 requires fibre information must be declared on the pack if a claim is made: 


·       SOURCE OF FIBRE: at least 3g of fibre/100g

·       HIGH FIBRE: at least 6g of fibre/100g


As always, we encourage you to read food labels on the back of the pack.  Choosing food that contains higher % of fibre helps to increase daily fibre intake. Studies show only 9% of UK people are achieving 30g/day. Emma Basic Sesame Seeds contain 14g/100g fibre. It can certainly help you to achieve 30g/day from breakfast through to dinner.


Savory brunch:  Sprinkle sesame seeds on salad, fried egg, or yogurt.

Dinner: In freshly made Hummus, or a topping for rice or pasta.

Dessert: Soybean flour (kinako) is often used as topping of vanilla ice cream in Japan. Instead, I use finely grounded sesame seed powder. The word topping is not an accurate expression here. The ratio of sesame seeds power and ice cream is 1:1. The bad guy Ice cream is completely covered and shielded by the good sesame seeds.   


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